The Ant

The ant is seldom solitary;
A social insect through and through,
Alone she knows not what to do.

Each trail of ants a tributary,
Returning streams flow to the nest
Where each stream merges with the rest.

The queens and male ants both have wings,
A vestige from the past bestowed
One hundred million years ago.

I don't know how we date such things;
Did fossils found in ancient mud
Prove ants were here before the flood?

The colony depends on those
Who guard against attacking foes,
Care for the young, and gather seeds—
The worker ants perform these deeds.

The next time that you see an ant
Pass by, so busy that he can't
Take time to pause and say hello,
Just step aside and let him go...

An act of kindness is well spent
Regardless of recipient.

©2018 Michael Fraley

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