The Ballad of Monday Jack

Monday Jack woke up one day
     In the crowish month of May.
Stars were out, the sun did shine,
     Flowers grew in a rigid line.

"Give me something strong to drink
     And meat upon my plate!"
Never did he stop to think;
     His mind had shut the gate.

Looking from his window wide,
     Monday saw ten cows outside.
They danced in circles rapidly
     And filled the air with bovine glee.

He shuddered at the awful sight
     Of cows gone mad in spring.
Bursting into tears of fright,
     He gathered up his things.

Leaping on his horse, he rode
     Directly to the mother-lode.
There he spied a maiden fair—
     Radishes were in her hair.

Underneath a blooming fig,
     They promised to be true.
Monday wore a powdered wig;
     Sarah Tuesday caught the flu.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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