Bells and Birds

Bells and birds fill the air
On an early Sunday morning.
High up in the sky,
Jet planes roll the dice
For the lives of their passengers.
Walking is a safer proposition,
Given there are no vehicles present.

Our black cat sits on the fence,
Keeping an eye on the sparrows
Nestled in our neighbour's tree.
A motorcycle chugs by
On the Great Highway,
Otherwise the traffic is quiet.
It's October and still
A brilliant orange butterfly
Navigates the air, tacking back and forth.

Drawn by our Monterey Cypress beacon,
Three ravens arrive, cawing constantly.
They purposely circle a nearby roof.
Each one in turn swoops low,
Hazing a hawk who is motionless.
Through the din of the ravens,
I hear a whistle and a chirp.
After several iterations,
The ravens depart.

A pause, then the hawk slowly rises
And spreading his wings, flies north.
I feel the sun growing warmer.
In Golden Gate Park,
Many thousands of people
Gather for a musical event.
They will appreciate the good weather.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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