Black Panther

I went to the school
As instructed by you;
It was made up of many buildings.

I wandered for a long time,
Losing my way,
Until I came to a side door
And stood on the concrete steps.

The whole area was flooded,
As if a lake had suddenly appeared.

I looked north,
But could not make out
Where the water ended.

A black panther swam up
And climbed onto the platform.

He seemed the worse for wear;
Large chunks of fur
Were missing from his coat.

He was completely dry
As soon as he joined me.

A dog followed,
A mixed breed of tan colour.

I feared for the dog,
But the panther had no designs
Apart from companionship.

I watched them for awhile,
Then searched again
For the exhibit you had mentioned.

I found the title piece,
Sadly Causative,
Sitting outside in the mud.

The gallery was draped
In a large banner
Advertising the exhibit.

I found you inside,
Hunched over your drawing.

You were working on the floor,
Like twenty or so others.

You had your black leather jacket on—
It was the first thing I saw.
Your drawing was pastel in nature.

You asked what my intentions were;
I made no reply.

You gave me a blank piece of paper,
A handful of felt-tip pens,
And asked if I was satisfied.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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