The Capybara

Of all rodentia, he's elite—
The largest rodent known to man,
His colour scheme is black and tan.

When underwater, black webbed feet
Enable him to swim with zest;
Of swimming rodents, he's the best.

His outer coat is long tan straw,
But on his face the fur is fine
And dark black eyes sedately shine.

On grass and greens he likes to gnaw
With sharp incisors long and mean;
His appetite is very keen.

His nostrils, eyes, and ears are set
Above the waterline, not wet,
So in the river he can stay
Submerged for nearly half the day.

If in your heart you hanker for
A rodent large, then look no more;
The capybara gives a kind
Of comfort you will seldom find.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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