A Change in the Weather

Only an hour ago, the sun was mellow
While the breeze invited us to walk
Along, lingering over our talk.
Now it seems that winter is here
And a storm is brewing overhead.
We are rudely shoved by gusts
Pulling at our clothes and tossing us.
An old man bustles across the street,
Bent with age, trying to outrace
The storm he knows is coming soon.
Where will he go for comfort tonight?
It's difficult to picture him at ease,
With a pint of beer at his elbow
And a blazing fire at his feet, yet he
Must have had his share of warmth.
A woman who could be his counterpart
Wears a plain white dress with a scarf
Of fuchsia to offset the austerity.
It seems quite bold of her, somehow,
To call attention to extremes.
She greets me with an unearned smile,
And I feel that time is just a dream.
No longer is a sense of urgency
Required to motivate my schemes.
I would learn to live at any pace
That offers up an opportunity
For carefully admiring what I see.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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