Changeable Desires

To follow the will of the woods
Was my intent at seventeen—
It seemed enough to let
My own vague promptings merge
Into the sea of life around me.

There among the treetops
Sweeping up the air
I heard a dancing in my veins,
Magnified beyond the cares
I harboured deep inside.

It was a quiet bit of greenery,
Although to me each branch
Of berries hanging low
Or tangled vine with splayed out leaves
Voiced a wild exuberance
Where every excess was divine.

Spirit knew no bounds—
It flew about from branch to branch.
With eyes attuned to hidden sights,
I urged it ever on, grew faint and glad
With all the mad, intoxicating rush.

It's easy to recall
The passions that once
Held me in their thrall—

The taste is sweet,
The tune still brings
A gleam of energy
Unleashed, untried,
Eager to be off.

The difference I see
Between the me of then
And what I am today,
Is that I have more strings to play.

The whole of my ensemble
Does not depend upon one theme,
However lively it may be.

If one can claim to gain
A broader view with age,
The truth of this assertion lies
In one's ability to harmonise
All the selves that blend inside.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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