The sinner knows his sin, while the saint is ignorant.

         Most of us manage to muddy our tracks,
         Doubling back from one side to the other.

         Our allegiance is not clear,
Although we tend to favour goodness overall.

Seldom do we veer to cruelty or kindness.
Like the lemon tree, we flourish in mild climates.

         Questions of morality and mystery
         Are not what we hold dear.

         We act as if the answers have been written;
We only need to follow the instructions we've been given.

So much the better for our peace of mind,
         If not our sense of self-discovery.

Meanwhile, listen to the birds, the rain—

         If nothing else remains the same,
         At least we have their chatter in the trees
         And the dripping of the leaves...

                  Such sweet company!

©2016 Michael Fraley

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