Dating Service

Café. A man steps toward a seated woman.

She thinks at his approach,
Please forgive me if I don't get up—
Just feeling leery of engagements as of late.

"Hello. Do sit down, please do sit down," she says.

"If you're sure you don't object,
I'll stay for just a while...
Perhaps a sandwich and some tea
Would suit me nicely."

"Tell me, what is your experience?
I find the aftermath is often
Less than I'd anticipated.
Though desirable on paper, in person—
No chemistry, you know?"

"Oh, quite. Another fruitless night, and there's this type
Who goes in for a string of dates, never taking
The first step to involvement.
They just collect a circle of admirers..."

"What else can you do
When there's no spark
Between the two of you?"

"Agreed. Initially there must be chemistry...
Although I'm told that friendships sometimes flower."

"I suppose... I don't know—Just couldn't say.
But thank you for this conversation
Free of repercussions. Well, there it is.
Now if we've finished with our meal,
I must be—"

"Indeed. Time enough for one quick hug
And then we'll go our separate ways..."

They stand. An awkward courtesy embrace,
Then she's out the door.

He seats himself again and orders a dessert
In his desire for more.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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