Day at the Beach

What play to make a dam and watch the water
     Flow around, or save a worm
     By lifting it to higher ground.

The sink you excavated became a sink-hole,
     Hiding the driftwood and rocks
     Meant to line its walls.

But all was not lost; you turned and dug a moat
     Around a castle fair, for ladybugs
     To dwell in splendour.

A graceful bridge of sand spanned the moat.
     White foam washed in
     And softened all its edges.

Another daughter and father greeted us
     In passing. Two rousing dogs
     Dropped by, but only briefly.

Other than that, our companions were
     The wind and surf, and several
     Birds with very long beaks.

They were turning their heads and preening
     Their feathers. O days
     Like these can last forever...

©2016 Michael Fraley

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