The Donkey

The donkey is so mild and meek,
I find he often brings to mind
A humble saint both calm and kind.

Though gentle, he is never weak.
Sure-footed and reliable,
He's tireless and infallible.

Distinctive rings around the eyes
Along with muzzle hair that's white
Set off his darker coat with light.

His hooves are of a smaller size,
His woolly coat a thicker skin,
Than horse or mule, his nearest kin.

He may be brown, he may be grey,
But always he is fond of hay.

Descended from the true wild ass
Of northern Africa, his class
Has been domesticated for
Five thousand years, or even more!

Oh donkey, when I see your ears
So long and tall, I'm moved to tears.
My heart pounds faster when you're near,
Although my horse may think it queer.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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