Drawn to the Light

Always and ever I'm drawn to the light
So that it seems to be one with my soul.
Somehow it helps me to feel myself whole.
I find I remember things that I see
Which carry some sign or mark of what's fair,
Drawing me back to old stories I know.

If ever you doubt what surely you know,
Thinking your wisdom is shallow and light,
Try to be truthful and to yourself fair,
Keeping in mind you are ever the sole
Witness of your life, the one who can see
What will enable you to become whole.

Feelings are fickle; they'll leave a large whole
In your composure—you will not say no
To the unbearable pull of the sea
Dragging you down to a place with no light.
Somehow you must learn to rescue your soul
By means that are honest, honestly fair.

Think of a welcoming, wonderful fair
Filled with the ones you love, healthy and whole!
This is the destiny meant for your soul,
This is the vision you surely must know.
Glorious, glorious home of good light,
Everything leads to this haven, you see...

Never despair when your eyes cannot see
Evidence in this world of what is fair.
Sometimes it takes more than one match to light
Bonfires enough to illumine the whole
Range of assumptions we think that we know.
Still, we must struggle to save the world's soul.

Gladly remember there is not one sole
Pass through the mountains to reach the broad sea;
Each of us follows the path that we know.
Sometimes we find that we easily fare;
Sometimes our hearts are divided, not whole.
Grace will enable our load to seem light.

The soul of compassion uses a fair
Method to see how we can reach a whole
World where we suddenly know our own light.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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