Flamingos strike a rare note that
Reverberates with mystery
And echoes of infinity.

Their plumage palette's never flat;
Vermillion, scarlet, brightest pink—
Of tropic themes will make you think!

These shades don't come from brush or vat;
The secret of such colour rests
In carotenes each bird digests.

Exceeding what is probable,
Geometry informs each beak
Exquisitely with lines unique.

Flamingos are so watchable;
For graceful stance and symmetry,
They have no peer on land or sea.

Such long legs make it possible
To wade in waters very deep;
On one leg they will often sleep.

Their nests are little more than mounds
Of mud upon their mating grounds.
They lay a single egg on top—
Flamingos know just when to stop.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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