Gullible Crown

Once a gullible crown has been beaten down,
It will surely be rejuvenated as the Ace of Spades.
We traded marbles in a circle, you and I,
Until the sky rang with the sounds of the school bell
Announcing we were tardy.

Now we fly our alligators along the coast
And argue over who can drink the most lemonade.
I would not be shy if I could try croquet today.
The field was green and full of players back in '59,
But today it's overgrown and underdone.

A large horse looms on a hill nearby,
Watching the passing joggers with a jaded eye.
Strong and rich, we express our spoons
By percolating cups of chocolate all too soon.
Refrigerate your mind before you grind your teeth away.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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