Hidden Knowledge

pour Minou

My heart will not reveal to me how deeply
I adore you, shielding me from knowledge
That would cause me to stand still,
Frozen at the thought of what could happen,
Losing you to some unspoken terror.

Wisely my heart protects me from myself,
So that I do not spend each moment
Anxiously on guard against an unseen foe.
I pass my time at ease, feeling as I do
At one with you, unhurried and complete.

The depth of our connexion comes home
To me, unbearably, when a crisis intervenes.
The very air deserts me when events cut us
In two; all I see before me is an empty plain.

Without you I cannot conceive how to bring
Majestic trees, grasslands and fresh flowing
Streams, flocks of birds and grazing herds,
All our landscape back to joyful life again.

Together we are whole, alone I find my soul
Unequal to the task of making life worthwhile.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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