No amount of flattery
Will sway the stately hippo from
Her underwater habitat.

Two eyes, a pair of holes to breathe,
And ears that flicker in the breeze
Are all that rise above the pool.

The vast majority of her
Remains below the water line,
Concealed from any lover's gaze.

To bring her out, we pull the plug
And drain her private swimming tub,
For then we'll have her in the whole.

What massive flanks, what chubby legs,
And what a tiny tail she has!
It's grand to see her standing there.

And better still to watch her stroll
Around the grounds with zoftig ease;
She moves with solemn majesty.

No creature dreamed of can compare
With hippos for sheer size and girth.
She is a most stupendous sight;
On dainty feet she shakes the earth.

©2019 Michael Fraley

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