In Memory of Miss Kitty

Say farewell to Father Time underneath these redwood trees,
Where everything seems to pass in a more leisurely fashion.

Two trunks rise on the other side of the back porch rail,
Towering over our heads. The cicadas raise a steady fuss
Fifty feet above. The crow that cawed at breakfast yesterday
Is nowhere to be heard.

We took a day trip to the coast, gathering beads and shells
With the utmost care. On Moonstone Beach the coastal fog
Scudded by, ankle high, softening the glare.

We turned and headed home from there, back to our cat
Megan the Magnificent, She of the Extra Plush Coat.
Each evening she headed for the bed, where she spread out
In full splendour.

We remember her mother, Miss Kitty, blind in one eye
But full of quiet confidence and able to raise healthy kittens.
This year, for the first time, she is no longer here.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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