Janice and Gerald

Two oddities of English ancestry
Were walking in their garden.
Janice paused to lean against an elm;
Fancy led her to another realm.

Janice drew artistic references
From physical experience—

She couldn't enjoy the colours
Of outdoors, without remembering
A painting by Pissarro.

Gerald longed to lie down
On the ground, and lift her skirt
Above her waist.

He'd seen this done before
In lush romantic films,
Where passion is the pressure
Driving lives to fructify
In wombs unsanctioned by the state.

But Gerald was a product of
His own inverted forces,
Which channelled round inside him
In a hard internal loop.

Valiantly he grasped her hand
And savoured his impression
Of cool caresses, subtle brushes
Of the fingertips.

Janice found her friend appealing
In an abstract sort of way.

The tug and pull
Of well-conditioned lovers
Tumbling under covers
Was not what she envisioned.

It was enough for her
To walk together in the garden.
More than that would cause
Her dreamery to harden.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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