Koalas are a gentle sort
But hardy, stout, and somewhat short.

Pale pink, they leave the birth canal
And somehow find the right locale.

Once in the pouch, they stay inside
Until they're strong enough to ride

Upon their momma's back, but then
Back in the pouch they go again.

Ash-grey they are, except the chest
And abdomen in soft cream dressed.

With padded ears and oblong nose,
Adult koalas often doze.

They're known to dream extensively
While sleeping in their chosen tree.

On two front paws, four thumbs help them
Maintain their grip on branch and stem.

Leaves of the eucalyptus tree
Are what they eat exclusively.

Koalas like to live alone—
Their territories overlap

When they no longer can postpone
The urge to mate, more than to nap.

©2018 Michael Fraley

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