The Lark Ascending

for Vaughan Williams

Changes in the weather
Bring a new appreciation—
Clean breezes follow nightly showers.

Bright morning sunlight
Catches the dew and heightens
The colours of pastel houses.

An early rising roofer stands
Silhouetted against the sky;
Clouds go scudding jauntily by.

At the lake, a shaft of light touches
The far bank of cat's-tail grasses.

Along the coast, surfers stretch
And do their warm-up exercises;
The waves roll in with churning vigour.

Down the peninsula,
The bay is gilded by the sun,
Glowing with a golden sheen.

Hills and valleys gleam
With fresh green growth.

The lark ascending on my radio
Takes me up with it, to view
The landscape from a lofty angle.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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