A Life's Work

When summer comes and life slows down,
I like to go to town to try on different hats.
The clerks don't mind, they know me well—
They don't expect a purchase in the offing.

Afterwards I wander the pebbled shore,
Admiring watercraft that make their way
In weather fair or foul. There are big sails,
Little sails, and sails between the two extremes.

Some prefer to row, while others use a paddle.
After an hour or so of leisurely strolling,
I'm ready to go home. First I board the bus.
Then I pull the cord to disembark alone.

Within the house, I keep a pencil sharpened
And a place where I can write about my day.
It may be late, I may be early. My worries
Are my own, not magnified by hate.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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