Lunch with Tino

Constantino said to me, `They have taken the soul of philosophy
     And squandered it on non-essentials.
Why should we give up the right to grapple with both dark and light,
     Simply to appease the skeptics of our age?'

The State has spread its tentacles of fear everywhere it can,
     In hopes of silencing the rage
That springs up in the heart of every shackled man—
     This is the moment of the lowest ebb in faith.

We are bound by chains forged in the oil fields of the East,
     And we have sacrificed the sweetest
Of our freedoms for the benefit of twisted men
     Who cower in their concrete bunkers.

We must reclaim our former power through words and actions
     Suited to the hour. No government can stand
That seeks to cripple its own land with blinders of deception;
     Tyranny will topple at liberty's inception.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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