Middle World


Dark, moist earth turned over and burrowed into,
Down among the secrets of the underground—

These are the scents that gopher and mole both know,
These are the places where they go, snuffling and digging,
To find and claim their ancient homes.


In branches bare with autumn, stars come out at night,
Shining with a light that causes hearts to beat a little faster,
Feeling the pulse of magic at arm's length in the sky—
Reaching out, we surround ourselves with long forgotten lore.


Hear the sounds of running water—rivulets and streams
Chase each other, falling over stones and down long gullies,
Wandering among tall trees to join the stately flowing river.

Ducks assemble on the surface, fluttering their feathers,
Dipping in the water for a meal. Underneath, scales flash
Brightly in the current, crayfish crawl along the bottom,
Turtles make their ponderous way home.


The creatures of our middle world are most intent on life—
Along with their inherent mystery and beauty,
They bring the thrill of wild ways to us all.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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