Noncombining Elements

The office is not restful.
Everyone has a beef,
And a need to tell me all about it.
When I walk in the door,
They spill the latest chapter
Of their personal disputes.
They need a witness to the wrongs
They have suffered.

I have friends in warring camps,
And would like to maintain
Peaceful relations
With all parties concerned.
How do you respond
To a friend's impassioned plea?
With a question, I suppose,
Putting the issue objectively.

I find myself torn between
A desire for fervour
And a supreme wish to remain silent,
Independent in my estimation
Of the way things stand.
This is what prevents me
From giving free rein to my
Natural impulse of pleasing others
By sympathising with them
Indiscriminately in their favour.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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