In every age, considered wise;
The Greeks thought her Athena's eyes.
Egyptians held the owl a guide
For wandering souls who lately died.

The modern owl with silent speed
Descending swiftly on her prey
Hunts hard by night, dreams deep by day.

Her large fixed eyes fulfill the need
For vision in the dimmest light,
Providing her nocturnal sight.

The slightest sound is magnified
By her location-sensing ears;
She finds her meals by what she hears.

From the owl's talons, few can hide.
Her crushing grip is like a vise,
Well-suited for seizing voles and mice.

She partners with her mate to bring
Her brood to bursting life each spring.
The male delivers to the nest,
Where downy owlets feed and rest.

©2020 Michael Fraley

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