Peace Garden

The peace garden is a place
Where guinea pigs graze on green lawns,
Giraffes meander at their leisure,
And sunshine is a welcome break
From the incessant rain we've been having.
Marabou storks make a strange spectacle,
Craning their necks to preen their feathers.

Shaded by a Monterey cypress,
I'm surrounded by the sounds of
Birds chirping and children vocalising.
Peacocks are too tempting, but
No one's fast enough to catch them.
The only disasters are matters of tears,
Hot tears quickly dispatched and forgotten.

Oh Eden, if ever there were such
A garden, let it be in bloom again.
May the creatures inhabit it fearlessly
And stroll through the meadow unharmed,
Nodding and turning their heads to each other,
Speaking in voices both quiet and warm.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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