The Peccary Chacoan

The peccary is like a pig;
To be precise, he's even more
Suggestive of a bristly boar.

His shaggy head is far too big
Compared to all the rest of him;
His legs are long and much too slim.

He started out a piglet small,
One of a pack of piglets who
Compose an active, roving crew.

On mother's milk, he's grown quite tall.
His long snout bulges out, then in,
With flexi-tip both flat and thin.

In arid lands he likes to roam;
East of the Andes is his home.
On desert cactus this one dines;
He rolls it to remove the spines.

Once thought extinct, but then was found
Alive, no fossil in the ground...
The scientific mind was slow
To learn what native farmers know.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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