Pocketful of Light

I've got a pocketful of light I keep to myself.
Whenever it rains too many days in a row,
I take it out and let it play about the room.

I've got a box of bird songs, they sing like
The dawn of today. When I feel blue,
I open up the lid and let a little melody out.

I've got a treasure map rolled up tight,
     Stashed on my closet shelf.
If ever I lose my way, I take it down
And follow the trail to the heart of the forest,
Where everything deep and beautiful sleeps.

     I sneak up slowly and peek
     At a softly sleeping black panther.

His snores are more than I can ignore,
     Thrilling when they grab me,
Shaking the leaves from the trees at times,
Making me wish I could capture the sound
     In a bottle—

     I'd save it for a silent night.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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