for Julian

After all of that, so long, goodbye,
God bless. I hope you get enough rest,
And that things work out for you.
I hope your new home is a happy one,
And that your school does not consign you
To the scrap heap if you fail to measure up
To the kind of cool that's currently
In use. Don't forget us here—
I know you won't, and we'll imagine
What your life is like back there.
Perhaps the distance will not be too great;
Perhaps one day we'll see you all again.
I know we will. It's upsetting to believe
That anything is ever really over.
Open doors are shut, and more's the pity.
What a long night waiting makes
For one who wonders what will pass.
May our parting be a prelude to reunion.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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