Up north the forests are blazing.
It's the end of summer and we
Wonder where the time went.
Here the skies are overcast
And the air carries contaminants
From the fires. Still we count
Our blessings and continue with
Our work. The succulents grow
In proportion to our watering.
Tibouchina blossoms fall down,
Scattering purple on the ground.
Kind neighbours are a treasure;
Axel gives us jars of fruity jams.
While turning over packed roots
In the back yard, we unearth
Vintage milk and soda bottles,
Toy soldiers, cowboys and Indians,
Plastic animals, and lots of marbles.
We gather all the artifacts and place
Giant old headlights, lost golf balls,
And rusted implements in a pile.
The fence needs fixing, which is
Why we've set two fence posts
In buckets of concrete. We'll plant
Them and attach the portion that
Blew down. Once again we need to
Trim Cynthia Cypress, exposing
Her limbs to the offshore breeze.
We enjoy the shade she gives
And the many birds that visit.
If the trees up north could also
Be preserved from searing flames,
Many creatures would be saved
And benefits for all would flow.

©2019 Michael Fraley

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