Primordial Story

The sea is home to undiscovered dreams
That settle to the bottom and remain
Inert, soon covered by the shifting sands,
More hidden than a politician's soul.

Bright shafts of light and swirls of silver fish
Create a playful atmosphere below
The wave-encircled surface of the sea,
Suspended between air and inky depths.

Each vertebrate that walks or crawls on land
Or bird that overcomes gross gravity
Must ultimately trace its origins
To fish, who were the first to wear a spine.

What if we never left those soggy depths?
Our cities would be made of coral caves,
Our songs would rise and fall on passing tides,
And human love would be a thing unknown.

What lies beneath the waves must be reborn
In every generation that proceeds
To struggle up from nature's salty womb,
Aspiring to receive the light of day.

©2019 Michael Fraley

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