Purple, Green, and Blue

Blue is the colour of satisfaction. I see it
In the sky quite often, especially when
The light is fading and the deepest blue
Comes through the dome surrounding
         Our small world.

Turquoise blue is the colour of the waves
Closest to the shore. The more I stare at
The waves, the more I believe we are meant
To be free, meant to live among each other

Green and purple are my good friends too.
The misty hills are a rich deep green
Softened by a thin white veil. Green is the
Colour of living things, bringing me hope
         When hope has failed.

Purple is a playful colour, sparingly used
     But adding spice to the scenery.
In lavender and violet hues, it energises me.

These three colours combined
     (purple, green, and blue)
Bring a sense of comfort to my mind.

They are familiar and yet resonate
     In new and unanticipated ways
Whenever I see them on display.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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