Racoon Romp

Observe the much-maligned racoon,
     Unwelcome in our yards.
The common man would just as soon
     Consign him to the guards.

Behind the bars of prison they
     Would make a tearful sight!
How cruel not to let them stray
     Beneath the moon's pale light.

They have their personalities;
     Each one is quite unique.
Surprising whimsicalities
     Bolster their mystique.

Among the racoons that we know
     There is a gentle soul
Who likes to untie tempting bows,
     Splash water in her bowl.

Their hands are minor miracles,
     So dexterous and so small.
They navigate all obstacles,
     Climb trees extremely tall.

They cannot be outsmarted by
     A simpleton's attack.
So bold and swift and sometimes shy;
     There's nothing that they lack.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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