Return to the Forest

A river's deep song
Twisting along an ancient bed
Pulls my inner eye backward.

Back to when it was young,
A stream flowing swiftly
Under a new sun.

Past a bank lined with ferns
Dangling under perpetual mist
That drifts in torn swatches
From the heart of the forest.

Dank scent of jaguar,
Brilliant glare of macaw,
The unnerving screech
Of the spider monkey.

Steps through the maze
Taken warily, one at a time,
Senses taut and primed.

Sudden death to the prey,
And a proud display
Of food to be shared with all.

Firelight at night
In the common shelter,
Bodies together for warmth.

Bright morning sunlight
Reflected from the stream
Triggers a dream of the future,
Leading my inner eye forward.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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