The Return of Spring

After dreary days have passed, full of sinking
Apathy and uninspired conclusions, after hope
Has been abandoned and the streets have turned
Into deserted homes for fog and darkened store
Displays, sunlight comes unbidden. Unexpectedly
It spreads a welcome light along the recently
Drab avenues. Shaded by strong sycamores, the
Sidewalks once again are full of sound and life.
The ghosts have fled along with all the fog, to
Be replaced by happier faces strolling side by
Side. It may not matter that a soul has found
Its way from darkness into light. It may not be
Important what the colour is of happiness, or how
Distantly a traveller must go, before he learns
That style is not a substitute for substance.
It may be true that everything we know was found
Out long ago, and we are merely echoes of the past.

But when the sun comes out again and the fog has
Been dispelled, everything springs to life. This
Lightness feels unique and new, a revelation of
The senses, a celebration of the soul. Yellow
Finches flit among the treetops, as if to say
There is no sorrow which does not end in joy,
Given time enough to turn. Songbirds fill the air
With bursts of melody handed down from elders to
The young. Calla lilies bloom and turn their trumpet
Faces to the sun. Spring is here! What is best
About this time of year is that it flourishes with
Fresh beginnings. Nothing seems worn out or stale,
As it does at the conclusion of the year. Whatever
Strikes one as an inspiration, is quickly acted
On. Lovers leap into each other's arms and songs
Are blithely sung. If only for a few brief weeks,
The spirit of creation covers all, lifting hearts
To new-found heights of fantasy and sheer delight.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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