Rockaway Beach

Due to a misunderstanding, Morgan found himself
With more than an hour before his rendezvous.

So he did what he most wanted to do,
Which was to walk along the beach.

There were many more rocks piled up on the shore
Than the last time he was there.

They were polished by the waves, round and smooth,
Like a clutch of eggs lying on the sand.

Morgan walked along the wet shore,
Dodging the incoming waves,
Stooping to pick up two large starfish lying there.

Although they probably couldn't tell,
He threw them back into the sea.

Then he turned away and walked along the path
That leads uphill, overlooking the cove.

It was a fine day, brisk and clear.
There was no one on the path but he.

When Morgan got to the top,
He stood at the edge of the cliff
And looked down to the cluster of boulders below.

Crashing surf wrapped around the base of the hill.

Tiny birds sat in a line
Along the top of the largest boulder.

Just above him and a stone's throw into open air,
Ravens flew in circles, capturing an updraught.

After a while, Morgan walked back down the hill.

He would be there still,
If only he could be a bird and truly make his home
Among the boulders and the ocean spray.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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