A Slice of Cheese

The economy is not to blame
For the way I feel today;
I could be happy with a slice of cheese.

It's a logical progression, the kind
Where everything goes right—
Fortune is smiling on me, day and night.

My obligation is to travel
Farther than I did before,
On the road to mutual support.

If this is luck, I never want to lose it.
It's easy to remember
Everything that ever happened to me...

I want to linger on the summers
At the shore—body surfing,
Digging in the sand, and more.

Join me for a spring rain on the creek
With our lines let out at night
For strolling bass and catfish.

I'll try to convey the hay smell
Where we played, and the rusty colour
Of the weathered barn door.

There's nothing wrong
With waxing sentimental
If our loved ones aren't neglected.

After all, much of what I recall
Seems to me a blessing now;
I'm thankful for my part in it.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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