Special Witness

Two capybaras in a pool
Of water holding them upright
Were dancing slowly, arm in arm,
     A swirling sight to see.

They dove in unison below,
Their graceful figures plump and full,
Propelling through the water to
     Emerge onto the shore.

Like dogs, they shook the water off
And padded up the hill to find
The perfect spot to stretch out on
     Beneath the warming sun.

A witness to their playfulness,
I saw them celebrating on
The very day my Sunshine cat
     Was taken from my side.

The parting was a deadly blow
And I, not knowing what to do,
Went to the zoo to grieve alone
     For Sunshine, heaven-sent.

To see the capybaras play
     Was like a message from above.
In consolation for my grief,
     It spoke to me of hope and love.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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