The Spring of My Elation

The Spring of my elation came
     Quite suddenly one day—
Consoling me when life seemed grim,
     Without a sense of play.

My spirit then became robust,
     Though body was not so;
But laughter can rejuvenate
     Complete from head to toe.

My outlook was improved at once,
     Allowing me to see
The essence of our lives remains
     At heart untouched and free.

This episode or passing wave
     Unfolded over time,
Contributing in subtle ways
     The echoes of its rhyme.

All well and good, you say, and yet
     Sweet Spring is not alone;
The other seasons have their claim
     On mind and heart and bone.

The very reason, I reply,
     To cherish what Spring gave.
In other times and states of mind,
     It saves us from the grave.

©2017 Michael Fraley

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