The Velvet Ant

In ages past, a wasp became
The velvet ant of fuzzy fame;
Although extended family,
They parted in antiquity.

I'd rather not describe the way
They start out life—Unhappy Day!
For those whose nest the ant invades
Will not survive such gruesome raids.

Though velvet ants are very small,
They're still much bigger than the kind
We sometimes see on melon rind.

They stand at least a half-inch tall,
With furry bodies front and back
In shades of velvet orange and black.

I've never seen an ant so fast;
They move at an alarming rate,
As if they were extremely late.

No earthly paradise can last;
Both sexes make a squeaking noise
If someone should disturb their poise.

The cunning females keep their stings,
While males in turn have kept their wings.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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