Wanting Little

What do we want? Very little when you boil it down;
Nothing but the most essential elements of life—

A place together, shelter from the worst weather,
Books to read, paper and pen for drawing and writing,
All of our feelings in harmony most of the time.

We can dine with pleasure on a simple meal.

Our real hopes and dreams do not require
A source of power other than the world
That turns without reducing its potential.

We were conceived in love and find our comfort
Still in the element of water, blending
Thoughts and feelings into genuine perceptions.

We don't need to add new conquests to our kingdom.
It has borders that are moveable, adjusting to
The ways of life conducive to our welfare.

Our betterment is bounded by desires
Aligned with what are mostly modest aspirations.

Our aspirations keep us from creating griefs
That cannot be assuaged. Each and every day
Is our reward, no one day more than any other.

We are uniformly blessed by our creator,
And we pray that others may enjoy a lasting peace.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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