Water Will Dispel

Like Dorothy, I am sometimes captured by
A flock of flying monkeys swooping down.
They pluck me from my friends and carry me
Away to where the wicked witch presides.

Alone, I must attempt to overcome
A power that is blotting out the sun.
But like that girl, I won't be free again
Until I call on courage, head, and heart.

Water is the medium of mercy
Essential to the rescue of the soul.
Its aid dissolves and melts away my fear
As long as there is life still left to live.

Think back to the beginning of it all,
Back to the first confinement of the womb.
Delivery came when the water broke—
Water is the agent of release.

Water alone will melt this wicked witch
And free the flying monkeys from her grip.
Then I and my companions will turn home
To fields of green where waving flowers grow.

©2016 Michael Fraley

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